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Friday, 11 August 2017

TinTin donates her old Cornish ensign to Unpongkor Yacht Club, Erromango, Vanuatu

We anchored for three days in Dillons Bay, Erromango where David Tahumpri welcomed us to the Yacht Club he is building.  He already had an impressive array of flags decorating the room, to which we gladly donated our old Cornish flag duly annotated and signed.  We also provided a bundle of books to start off a book exchange.  All he needs now is a fridge full of cold beers, which are in the plan.

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Lewis Kaplan said...

Hi Paul Sorry I didn't see this post in time to offer up 'eremai poirap' which means good afternoon in one of the 2 languages in use on Erromango. Safe travels and sorry not be be welcoming you to Snails Bay in Sydney. Cheers Lewis