Tin Tin's Sailing Calendar

Thursday, 22 December 2016

We're fixing a hole........

Mark and I checked the port deck locker again this morning, and in 12 hours it had collected about 45 litres of water. Once it was bailed out and dried I locked Mark in to look for light shining through gaps in the seal. Nothing there so we got it all dry and watched for water appearing. Eventually we found that the second stringer down from the deck was occasionally squirting water in from the weld to the transom. By videoing in a tight space I could see a small hole which was letting water in. The transom plate has a water tight box the other side, so that must have water in it which slops around as the boat heels. For it to get in that box there must be a hole and we hope that we have found and sealed that. It's where a block of wood was screwed in to support the swim ladder.

A few hours later..... we found there is still seepage but maybe not so much.

We crossed tracks with a ship and logged Tin Tin's 7000th mile at midday.

However midday is not what it used to be. I shifted ship's time from GMT to 2 hours earlier as we have come 300 miles west of Cabo Verde. I have also changed the watch rota so that each person has 3 hours on and 9 hours off. We had been doing 4 on and 4 off in pairs till now. The new crew are now trusted to handle their watch solo!

Imam sat in glorious sunshine on the aft deck with beautiful blue sky blue sea and blue flying fish around me as we make up tri 12 knots westwards.

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