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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Kyle catches his first fish

It has been a grey overcast day with big seas and strong winds. We have seen 12.5 knots surfing down the waves. Eventually the clouds thinned and the sun gave us a little warmth and sparkle on the sea. We had three brief visits from dolphins today with flying fish a frequent sight springing from the waves. The only birds sighted were Wilson's petrels? In the afternoon I chucked the Watamu Yoyo out to try fishing and was soon joined by Kyle as he put his new rod together. He soon caught my line, but we sorted that out, and as we were just finishing supper his rod bent encouragingly and he soon had a beautiful electric blue fish with a yellow tail close alongside. I gave it a squirt of rum to put it out, and then Kyle set about filleting.
Today we managed 180 miles in 24 hours. The wind has eased a bit but is forecast to rise again.
Our position at 19:30 21/12/16 is 17 08N 28 17.5W on the direct Great Circle route to Antigua.

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Gordon Lawrie said...

Hi Paul & Mark. Enjoy reading your blog. Good to see all going well.
Best wishes. Gordon