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Friday, 9 December 2016

Farewell Tenerife

I rejoined TinTin on 6th December after my medical course, carrying a big bag of Medicines and first aid kit and an improved knowledge of how use them. I found that Mark and Stuart had done lots of useful maintenance jobs and had got an electrician to deal with battery issues. It being a bank holiday we had a couple of days delay whilst a new engine start battery was procured and fitted. Stuart and I took the opportunity to explore the island by car, and were able to get up the volcano Pico Teide by cable car. Such dramatic scenery ,
Sketch from Pico Teide 

We left Tenerife on Thursday 8th and have now sailed 170 miles South. Atoll Feeling a Kittel qu'est, (errr... All feeling a little queasy!) but hoping to get our sea legs back soon. Today we had a welcome visit from exuberantly leaping Atlantic spotted dolphins. Later I spotted a big green turtle swim past. Sun is now setting and Mark is putting together couscous and ratatouille for supper.

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Sindidziwa said...

"Atoll Feeling a Kittel qu'est" - loosely interpreted as All feeling a little queer but fortified by large amounts of rum/gin?