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Friday, 23 December 2016

Day 3 - Water water everywhere.......

We have had a day of sunshine and showers. I re-lashed the dinghy which had worked loose and was swinging about, and then emptied the aft locker of water. Yesterday's attempt at sealing the leak had been partially successful, and instead of 2.5 buckets I only removed one. More sealant applied, but In the process of crouching in the locker the door swung and banged a bolt into my head. Luckily nothing worse then a lump.

Kyle then got his fishing rod out and managed to get the line wound into the wind generator. This resulted in some risky balancing acts, whilst fully clipped on of course, which eventually got the mess sorted out. His rod is now deployed to port :-)

Mark not feeling well unfortunately. We are being vigilant about hygiene to avoid it spreading.

Water usage is a issue. Our 600 litre tanks are enough for each person to have 10 litres per day for two weeks. Yet usage has been double that figure. This is not a problem if the watermaker functions well as we can produce 60-90 litres an hour while the generator runs. But although it has been working OK up till now, yesterday it wouldn't. Today Kyle helped me to investigate, and we found the primary pump wasn't working. This turns out to be a failure of a transformer which delivers 12 volts. Fortunately the deck wash pimp is in the same compartment, and we managed to plumb that in. However the system did not run smoothly and although I sat hunched up in the forepeak for an hour twiddling the knobs to coax it along I think we only made 30-40 litres. So I have to institute water rationing until we can reliably top up the tanks.

Back on deck for tea and Stollen and the treat of seeing several individual red-billed tropic birds circle us and then head off south.

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Gordon Lawrie said...

Happy Christmas to all. Did you give them the Queens' shilling ?
Gordon Cailhau