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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Wind comes .. and goes

Having powered along at 8-9 knots last night we are now staring the next night with the wi d dying away and only making 5 knots. It was forecast, bit nonetheless its frustrating.

During the day we were preoccupied with the Galapagos petrel that had arrived on the deck. It slowly dried out nd preened it sel. Sadly it took off before it had really finished preening and landed in the water fluttering hard to stay aloft but with out well oiled feathers it couldn't float. We watched it dwindle astern still trying to fly, feeling sorry that we hadn't stopped it leaving.

The Puddle Jump radio net at 01:00 UTC gave us a useful
Insight I to conditions experienced by other boats ahead of us, and this light wind seems to be our fate We sailed a more southerly route all day to try to find the better breeze, so we've done what we can. Now at 20:00 on Thursday 6th we are at 11 50.71S and126 21.41W with 750 miles to go and 5 days to run. I anticipate arriving on the 12th April.

I was cooking today and produced a Tin Tin variant of Cornish pasties; Tin Miners Tuna Potatoes and onions dived small with some capers and olives for zing, topped with chunks of fresh tuna seasoned with salt, pepper and dill, wrapped in a circle of pastry and baked for 35 minutes. The tuna have a good meaty element to the pasty and want particularly fishy. Baked beans were an elegant accompanying dish. Custard and tinned. Raspberries for pudding.

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