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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Spinnaker up !

Woke this morning relieved that the generator current leakage had stopped. Pissiblt due to a silent prayer to Saint Anthony from my position in the bilges yesterday. Otherwise the cause and solution are an unnerving mystery!

It was my laundry day today, but skies are heavily clouded so no bright sunshine to bleach my stuff. Laundry is done in a bucket or two on the aft deck. Must get that washing machine fixed!

As the wind eased away to 13 knots the sails all slat horribly. In any case with all sails poles out we don't have quite enough flexibility to point directly to ourlé destination.

So this morning we raised the ParaSailor, leaving only a tiny bit of mainsail, and immediately the boat went quiet and drew steadily away on a direct course towards the most southerly of the Marquesas islands. Fatu Hiva is less visited y yachts because there is no port of entry, but we like a number of other boats on the Pacific Puddle Jump Radio Net, plan to drop in before sailing on to Hiva Oa. Fatu Hiva is rated by Eric Hiscock as one of his top three most beautiful anchorages.

With 288 miles to go at lunchtime on the 9th, I'm beginning to plot arrival times and a more detailed itinerary. Justin has just produced an excellent lunch with beautiful bread, Waldorf salad and a pimiento salsa to compliment last night's macaroni cheese fired to a pleasing crisp.

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