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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Anchor's aweigh!

A day of unceasing torrential rain! Lots of hanging around - all getting rather tedious........BUT when Thierry the diver turned up he did a great job and unwound the chain from the old ship's anchor and we were able to move the boat to a safer spot. It was amazing to see him disappear into the thick brown murky river flow, full of floating debris, and then to see a circle of clear water where his bubbles brought the underlying seawater to the surface. Of course the freshwater is less dense and formed a 1 meter thick layer on top of the bay.

Then Kevin from Yacht Services kindly cane out to look over the freezer, stuck a bit of gas in it and concluded that the wiring installed was insufficient for the length of run involved leading to a voltage drop. Something for later. We started on an oil change for the generator, but then found bilges full of seawater so had to pump that out and worry about where it came from.

Anne and Emily did a great job ashore taking all our Jerry cans to refill. We had emptied all 200 litres into the tanks and calculated that we'd need to put another 200 in as we should have been nearly empty. Astonishingly there was only room for another 20 litres so our fuel consumption seems much lower than I'd thought.

Finally we are able to set off again tomorrow to explore a bit more of these islands before heading off to the atolls.

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