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Friday, 17 March 2017

Windless prospect ahead

The weather forecast  for our next leg is looking alarmingly windless.   This is the forecast for the 29th March, when we will have been at sea for 5 days, following the southerly route option I expect.  But what is surprising is that the SE Trade winds have not set in round the Marquesas, so I will have to sail well south of them to get wind, and that could take longer. Given that I have to get Mark to the wedding on time, and that Im meeting Anne in the Marquesas, this makes for a rather nerve-wracking three thousand miles!  

We have just refilled with 230litres of Diesel after our very careful 3 days of economical motoring down from Panama. That's more than half our supply, so something is wrong with the Volvo fuel usage specifications, and our range is much less than i had hoped.  Conclusion: we need the wind!

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