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Monday, 6 March 2017

Perilous Las Perlas

I woke at 06:00 and went on deck to savour the dawn. We were anchored close to a sandy beach in a rocky cove with two other boats, on a channel between two islands.the tide was flowing fast kicking up a chop just off shore.

Then to my horror o found that our dinghy had vanished leaving only the painter hanging ni the water. An awful déjà vu from the time in the Slcillys when I hadn't made fast properly and the same had happened. This time it was Marks turn to wonder how his knot had
Fortunately Justin spotted the dinghy across the channel on the other island, and Emily bravely paddles across to get it.

Late w went back across to Mogo Mogo to explore. It was wheee Bear Grulls' Survivor series is filmed, and on a narrow strip of land between two bays we found a shelter and rudimentary furniture from the camp. The Great sweep of white sand was enchanting, but the forest edge was full of plastic flotsam and jetsam. Emily and i wam and loved the cooler fresher water of the Pacific.

Looking back at the trees it was lovely to see many of the tall silver limbed trees bare except for ia full bloom of pink flowers. The sand was curious because one sank a coupe of inches into it. Strange tracks like ornately patterned bike tyres came out of the leaf litter to the debris at the high tide mark. Later I spotted the animals that made them as hermit crabs lugged their various shell homes around.
Later, towards low tide we navigated down the island
chain to s new cove.

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