Tin Tin's Sailing Calendar

Friday, 31 March 2017

Moonless nights

Coming on watch at 3am today and it's very dark. Cloud obscuring much of the starlight. There was a Moon in the early evening lighting a silver path westwards. The red glow of the compass and the figures on the chart plotter seem to be all there is. One has to cover them up to let ones eyes adjust to the night and the starlight take over. I like to stand on the seat looking out over the roof of the Bimini sunshade with all the boat lights excluded, looking at the stars and keeping watch for the lights of a fishing vessel Rare event!

Our course taking us south towards latitude 10degrees S is soon to curve eastwards towards the Marquesas. Then this comfortable wind angle will cease and we will be on a dead run, prone to rolling in the swell much more. An alternative is to hold on further and then tack back up but that increases distance run of course.

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