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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

A day of organising stuff

Valentine's Day 2017

This morning I met our agent, Erick, and set about trying to get all our paperwork and permits set up to transit the canal.  There turns out to be a problem getting the boat officially measured in the marina now and we may have to shift out to the anchorage at The Flats.   Then our first chance of a transit could be Sunday or Monday. He organised his driver to pick us up at 13:00 to take us into Colon to deal with Immigration..  Then I took our Gas bottle to be filled, tracked down the boatyard manager, Edwin Chavez, and arranged for the boat to be lifted, pressure washed, and then sandpapered and anti-fouled with the paint we bought in CuraƧao.  I also arranged to have the boat fumigated, and got an electrician to look at our charging systems which are defying logic. Meanwhile the boat was a hive of activity, with Emily cleaning fridges out, Mark and Justin sorting out our leaky aft locker and the current leak, and Steve trying to get the washing machine to work again.

Then once in the cab I got sailmakers to do a couple of repairs on the Genoa and spinnaker.  Our driver took us a King Harry ferry to Colon, having driven through dense jungle. Soaring over the river are gigantic concrete pillars on which a great arc of bridge will cross this waterway.  Colon itself was run down, and often derelict, and we visited the port offices and immigration where we were roundly ignored, and grudgingly signed through.

Our visit finished with a trip to El Rey super mercado where we stocked up on stores that were running out.

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