Tin Tin's Sailing Calendar

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Justin goes straight from Dora Road to Dorado

Sailing to Nevis & St Kitts this afternoon, we were delighted to draw steadily away from the 70foot Challenger 3 heading in the same direction.

Then Justin put out the fishing line, and suddenly as the sun was setting he hooked a big dorado. I have to say that it was much bigger than anything we have caught so far! So once aboard it is desperately thrashing about, and I run to get the squeezy bottle of rum to squirt in its gills to put it to sleep. Sadly it then got free of its hook and we had the strange sight of Paul and Justin trying to grab the fish as it headed for the aft steps. Finally we were both trying to hold onto its tail, but with no difficulty it shook us off and was gone.

Mark kindly made a Spanish tortilla for supper instead, which we ate after nightfall, as we rounded the southern tip of Nevis, and groped our way into Charlestown harbour to pick up a buoy for the night.

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