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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The French Connection

Good News! Since I discovered that the engine installation was putting current through the hull, the MarineTech team have been hard at work trying to sort the problem out.   Calls to Volvo UK, Volvo France and ultimately to Alubat in Sables d'Olonne have resulted in the useful discovery that the Volvo D2-75 engine is also fitted to the latest OVNIs, and there is a solution to the problem.  So now parts will beacquitred to sort this out, but they don't arrive till Thursday.  Just possibly will have the boat back for testing on Friday !

Meanwhile we have an appointment onWednesday 12th, much postponed, with Joanna The Compass Adjuster.  So at 14:30 tomorrow we shall be swinging!


peter said...

Keep swinging

john&shireen weston said...

nearly there Paul.

John and Shireen