Tin Tin's Sailing Calendar

Friday, 7 October 2016

Still in Gosport, watching friends sail off for Spain!

Our friend Nick Russell has now found enough crew to set sail from Falmouth towards La Corunna in his 55' ketch, Rogue Trader.  We watch them go with fair winds for the next 5 days, and wish them bon voyage, wishing that we could be casting off too!

However the engine should now be ready for sea trials on Saturday, so we will find out whether everything works as it should.  

Yesterday we had help from Justin doing lots of cleaning and clearing out which made the aft deck feel shipshape at last.  Tomorrow we have a huge job getting the main cabin ready for sea, before we can cast off for our trial run.

Meanwhile Mark has been helping me complete DIY jobs at home, and has been working on fettling our gangplank.  I bought a scaffolding plank and sanded it down to give nice surface.  Mark has then been burning into it the words TIN TIN MMSI 235111559 so that it is identifiable if it floats off.  It now gets a number of coats of preservative so that it withstands the sea water and sun.   Holes have been drilled to attach ropes, and we should soon have a perfect means of getting ashore in Spanish harbours, where one moors stern to the dock.

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