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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Our crew arrives

Our novice crew, Niall Gallacher, arrived today catching the green foot ferry from Portsmouth Harbour station to Gosport where Tin Tin is moored.  The exceptionally high tides mean that we get a great view out of the harbour entrance and can wave at visitors arriving on the ferry.

In a spirit of optimism we loaded frozen goods for the freezer and our personal kit bags.  Mine is packed with thermal underwear and thick jerseys and socks for the first part and shorts and T-shirts of the second part.

At the boat we found three engineers still struggling finish the engine installation, plus Jerry the Rigger installing the boom vang.

We did a tour of the boat for Niall and then some knot training.  He quickly got the hang of round turn and two half hitches, clove hitches and bowlines.

We left with hope that the boat would be ready for trials on Thursday morning.

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john&shireen weston said...

What happened next? Suspense is awful. Greetings from windy Knidos, Turkey.