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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Always look on the bright side of Life.... Aha aha ! Alway look on the bright side of Life... aaaaaargghh!

It's Saturday morning in the Big Brother House, and it feels as though Mark and Paul are characters in "Waiting for Godot".  

Every day we stow stores, tackle any maintenance issues and prepare for departure, but every day the engine room is still full of crouching engineers muttering curses against French yacht designers for the lack of space.

Friday was a BIG disappointment. When we arrived after lunch, hoping that the engineers had finally packed up and gone, they were still in contorted positions in the engine room. To everyone's dismay the parts sent from Volvo France, recommended by Alubat for installation of our engine, proved to be for a different engine. They now have to construct various new brackets to fit the bits, and won't be able to work on the boat this weekend.  So it's fingers crossed that all will finally be completed on Monday.  Then we still need to do sea-trials on Tuesday and try to leave on Wednesday.

Meanwhile our weather forecast shows that Wednesday would be perfect condition for a fast sail south, but that we don't want to arrive in Spain later than Saturday 22nd as there will be southerly gales for a few days.
The weather forecast looks promising if we can get away on Wednesday19th.

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