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Monday, 5 September 2016

Last lap before leaving

Sunday 4th September

I have started looking ahead at Biscay weather using PredictWind, hoping that the recent bad weather ther doesn't set in. This evening we had a dinner party with 6 sailing friends, highlighting how much there is to explore in the Mediterranean. We then pored over maps of the world sketching out the proposed route and talking about where we might next meet. It's beginning to feel very exciting.

Last week I met an Australian couple in their yacht Taipan, who have been circumnavigating since 2004 from Australia to Africa, and up to Europe.  It was good to discuss all sorts of practical experiences including whether one should stow a RIB on condition or on the davit when passage making.  Turns out that Davits were safer for them than on deck.  I think I could also have chosen a larger 3.5m RIB too.      Other useful experience is that it's best not to pre ok airline tickets, as its stressful trying to meet the deadline imposed.  Kris and David explained that  their research showed it was usually cheaper to wait until arrival and then buy one.


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Mark Stephens said...

The excitement has just hit me too.... realising that I may only have 2-3 more days at home to get it tidied, car stored, and all handed over to Nick and Emma for quite a while!