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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Frustrating delays - but valuable time to finish off the jobs in hand

Wednesday 14th September 2016

Tomorrow was meant to be our departure date, but after conversations with the engineers I find that the new engine I have ordered has already been put on display at the Southampton Boat Show, and it's going to take longer to get one delivered than I thought.  ten days delay could be  realistic now :-(

At the same time the service of the hydraulic pump for the centre-plate reveals a faulty valve that cannot be replaced.  Guess what....... a new pump is needed!

Meanwhile I keep ordering things that are on the to do list, and friends keep giving me wonderful things to take. Rosalind Ranson sent us a magnificent pressure cooker, Tony Gourlay has lent a hand held GPS, Antony Wheatley has sent a magnificent Overseas Pro fishing rod (I can see self sufficiency fishing ahead), Peter & Cherril West brought Rum, William and Elizabeth Stephens brought Port, and Kate, Beccy, Alice and Emily have produced elegant tin espresso coffee cups, a ukulele and song book and a lovely photo album to remind me who my family is!

Then I got rather a strange surprise when Googling for this blog.  What do I find?  TinTin already in Mayotte which is on our list of places to go http://tintinsailingadventures.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/mayotte-blend-of-africa-and-france.html   Somehow it all seems less of an adventure into the unknown......


Mark Stephens said...

And their tender is called Snowy... I think we should call our tender Haddock.

Mark Stephens said...
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