Tin Tin's Sailing Calendar

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Sunday 22nd May 2016

Richard was out rowing this morning on the calm loch, looking very relaxed. Sadly we had to say goodbye in Stornaway and made our way there to moor up in the harbour. It is a lovely spot, with a castle and lovely grounds coming to the waters edge, just across from all the colourful fishing boats. the new pontoons certainly make this an easy harbour to stay in.

Justin appeared looking leaner, footsore and weather beaten, having walked up the islands from South Uist where we had put him ashore. Lauri, whose plane was later in the evening, kindly treated us ago a splendid Sunday lunch.

We fought off sleepiness and tackled various jobs, fixing the kitchen sink which had come unstuck from the work top, and replacing the copper "fuse" for the centreboard hydraulics which had been punctured when we hit a rock on Loch Uiskevagh.

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