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Friday, 13 May 2016

The Mull of Kintyre

We sailed from Belfast (Bangor actually) across the Irish Sea to Campbeltown, where we found a safe berth,  a takeaway curry and some nice Fyne Ale beer to refresh ourselves.

The following morning Mark and Paul set off join a taxi to find the graves of our great, great, great great grandparents John Hill and Mary Smith in Kilchenzie, where they had run the blacksmith, in a long line of smiths.   Their gravestone was protected by a fine cast-iron fence in a private plot paid for by their two sons, who had emigrated to America but died with 6 months of arrival, leaving descendants who continue their line of business to the day.

Mark at John Hill's memorial

 Back in town we enjoyed breakfast in Amelia's cafe served by a couple of semi-amiable Goths, did some vital hardware shopping (clothes pegs, a drain unblocked, a pot scourer and a large new stockpot) for the boat, and marvelled at the sub tropical flowers in the main square.
Campbeltown in bloom


Surprising merchandise on display in Campbeltown
We set sail at 10:30 to catch the change of tide on the Mull of Kintyre and, with Stuart at the helm, had a roaring sail down to the Mull, where large dolphins came to look at us, and up the Sound of Islay, reaching a deserted anchorage by the Island of Danna in time for sunset Gin & Tonics.  The landscape and become awe inspiring with great mountains around us. In the enclosed Sound we could see land all around us, and enjoy the wild landscape as it moved past us.

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