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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Outer Hebrides

Wednesday 18th May 2016
Richard et al arrived onboard shortly after Anne, Stuart and Justin left, giving Mark and Paul about 40 minutes to tidy up and clean thoroughly. The wind was fresh from the NE and the dinghy trips were splashy. Everyone wanted to get sailing, and as the wind was now blowing a near gale (28-33 knots) I plotted a course downwind to Loch Skipport, where there a several potential anchorages. We had a roaring sail in big seas for ten miles, and then entered the shelterd waters of the loch. I chose to anchor on the south shore of an inlet that is almost completely enclosed by rocky hillocks. The sun came out to illuminate the rich colours of heathers and lichens and, as we anchored, seals nosed around in the seaweed fringing the shoreline. There was a colourful sunset, toasted with pink champagne thanks to the new crew, and then as the temperature dropped we retreated to a warm cabin for supper.

In anticipation of a wind shift overnight, I set an anchor alarm.

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