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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Going into labour at sea

I took a party of colleagues out for a day sail from Portsmouth, anchoring off Osborne House beach for a swim and picnic lunch. On board we had late additions of Claudia, heavily pregnant with just 2 weeks to go, and her husband Steve. Her choice, and since the weather was mild, wind was moderate, and I had already experienced 4 births, I agreed that she could come.

Somewhat to my surprise she enthusiastically joined in the swimming.... The water was lovely and refreshing - not too cold.

After lunch we snoozed in the sun, and then motored up for a view of Cowes, before setting sail and heading back down the Solent on a run, in 15 - 20 knots of wind.

At this point Claudia announced that her waters had broken after lunch, and she was having contractions every 15 minutes!! Not much I could do at this point except sail as fast we could back to port, where they made haste to drive back to Guildford. I did consider a "pan pan medico" call and potential helicopter lift off, but Claudia seemed calm enough.

Now awaiting news of safe delivery.

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