Tin Tin's Sailing Calendar

Monday, 6 July 2009

Etchells 22

Just heard that friends in Eire have bought an Etchells 22 to restore, and it reminded me of a great Christmas Eve sailing 2003 when Anne & I sailed with Steve Joseph and his skipper friend, in his wonderful boat, running under spinnaker up to the Sydney Opera House, and then out to the Heads to anchor for lunch.  On the way they were pulling my leg (so I thought) about sharks and then, incongruously, penguins - none of which could I see.

We swam ashore, and as I staggered up the beach I eventually focussed on a sign that said "Do Not Disturb the Penguins" ............

The swim back to the boat was nervous (ominously the skipper had firmly refused to swim).  When Steve said - "It's alright mate - just don't pee in the water" there was a strangled squawk and a spluttering from Anne - who had done just that.  It seemed a very  very long way back to the boat!!