Tin Tin's Sailing Calendar

Friday, 6 June 2008

That Sinking Feeling

Couldn't resist this little piece of video.!

Across the Atlantic

We sailed long days

Long dark nights

Bathed in star light

Careering through the midnight sea

Lit by the phosphorescent glow

Of ocean life


In sunlight, blue sea dreams

Sung by a lone whale

Echo through the hull

Heavy water surges apart

Split by the cutting edge

Three thousand miles run


Across the planet

We five ride each contour

Lurching in unison

Each wave rise

Each sudden drop

Imprinted on the brain.


Ahead lie volcanoes

Dead, dying or alive

Around each a coral ring

Flocked with rainbow shoals

Blue, yellow, red parrot fish

Grinding out white sands


Rasta boatmen stream to greet us

Bearing bread, fruit and lobsters

Red green yellow Ethiopian head rugs

Cajoling with slow eloquent tongues

Parting with complex handshakes

We touch Knuckled fists for Respect

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Planning Ahead

Our plan is to sail Round Britain this summer - that is to say late July - early August. But there is also a strong vote to avoid cold wet northern areas and turn left to Brittany again to warm weather and wonderful food. Critical to this will be the weather, which will make the difference between a wonderful cruise and a vile battle with the elements. So I have started to keep a forward eye on the long range forecasts. here's the first that I have found from TheWeatherOutlook http://www.theweatheroutlook.com/twoother/twocontent2.aspx?type=for_d90uk

Rather like a horoscope it covers every eventuality, but does stick its neck out to say that the summer will be warm and fairly good;

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Taxis and Trains

An early taxi picked us up on the quayside,and dropped us at Truro station. We had a lovely relaxed train ride, upgraded for a tenner to First Class seats, albeit with a quick flurry of excitement at W where we were due to catch a train to Fratton. However having lugged everything onto the platform we found that this was delayed so we hopped back on with all our bags, and went on to Reading, and then cross country to Guildford.

Unfortunately the last bit of the journey from Guildford was marred by screaming children with a single mother failing to cope, followed by a gang of young bully boys who were behaving abominably. To my shame I didn't stand up to stop them- I was pathetically mindful of the apparent propensity of aggressive yobs to knife anyone who gets in their way. They got off at Godalming to go and terrorise people there instead.

Finally home by taxi, where everything felt Alice-in-Wonderland huge and a little strange - I always feel so much more careful about running taps, after days being careful about water.

To recuperate I spent the next three hours giving the grass a much needed cut in the sunshine, and felt much more grounded as a result. Back to work tomorrow!