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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Team Sailing day

Taking your colleagues out for a day sail sounds straightforward but is fraught with potential difficulty. However Thursday dawned bright and sunny and I was on the dock by 0830 with provisions and plans for the day. My six colleagues arrived by train to Portsmouth Harbour and caught the Gosport Ferry. Although it says "It's Faster by Water" they arrived much later than I'd expected, so we weren't away until after 11.

As the team arrived the radio announced STRONG WIND WARNING FORCE 6 - so we popped in a reef before heading out. Despite having never sailed before I was impressed at the speed at which everyone picked up the principles. Hannah handled the boat superbly, holding her head to wind whilst the others got the mainsail up. Later when the jib needed to be winched flat, Gary immediately grasped the business of luffing up but not going through the wind to tack.

Having started late, and with a 5pm train to catch I cancelled a trip to the Witterings, and headed to Bembridge instead. By 1300 there was 1.5 metres under the keel over the bar, and we were able to raft up and get ashore. This was much welcomed by some crew who were feeling a little queasy. However we all perked up with some excellent Crab sandwiches.

Then a brisk sail home, followed by an evening cooking a gigantic paella and soaking in the hot tub. I think that everyone enjoyed it - I did!

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