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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Holiday over - now it's Maintenance Week!

Anne finally got a flight back to the UK after frustrating cancellations and delays in Tahiti and then in Los Angeles.  After six wonderful weeks together it's hard to be on my own again. Indeed I felt like jumping on a plane and coming back too, but the schedule is a bit tight to get to Tonga in time for the next crew change, so I had to resist the impulse.

We have sailed together from Hiva Oa, to Ua Pou, then Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas islands, and then for three days to reach the Dangerous Archipelago of the Tuamotos. What a change from volcanic islands of soaring spires to the flat land of the atolls, bounded by a narrow strip of coral and palm trees sheltering lagoons that  can be twenty miles across.

After visiting Manihi, Ahé, Apataki, Toau and Fakarava we set sail again for a few days to Tahiti and neighbouring Moorea, where the two topographies combine to some extent to give mountains encircled by a sheltered lagoon with surf crashing onto a bare reef which has no dry land or palm trees.

We have met lots of people local or transient, and many sailing couples have a lifestyle living on board and slowly exploring together over several years, with regular periods back in their home country. Perhaps we will find time to travel like that later.

Meanwhile work is going reasonably well on getting things back in order.   Thought you'd like to to hear the fun we have in this Pacific paradise!

  1. The generator has been serviced and water pipe replaced.  Needs a new water pump that the next crew will have to bring out. 
  2. Sails have gone off for minor repairs.
  3. New nav lights have been wired in by Mark
  4. Both outboard motors have been serviced as they weren't starting or running smoothly.
  5. The bow thruster failure diagnosed as two failed batteries.  Being replaced today.
  6. Our mid-Pacific mended electrical system has now had two new switches fitted.
  7. The freezer which had been only managing -5degrees C has been regassed by fridge people, and is now heated up to +27degrees C! They have to come back...... 
  8. I fixed a load of appalling electrical connections for the freezer, which explains why it turned on and off.
  9. My iPhone died completely - so cheap(ish) Android phone acquired and expensive pay as you go credit installed.  I can now contact local workmen successfully.....phew!  You can call me on +689 87278645 if you need to....doesn't cost me anything I think, but it will be expensive from Europe!!!!

Oh yes, having finally found a cafe in Carrefour which gives internet access
I have now fixed the link to Emily's blog on TinTin's page.

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