Tin Tin's Sailing Calendar

Friday, 7 April 2017

Stressful day!

Tonight Emily produced great tuna burgers for supper with chips, dampened only by a rainstorm. I

Then to add spice to the night we discovered an electrical problem. The meter is showing strong current
leakage, similar to that we had before Madeira. A quick check on the original cause shows that the aft deck locker is bone dry. The only thing different about today was slamming to windward looking for a possible liferaft. Maybe something has been dislodged and made an improper contact.

We had an anxious hour searching under floorboards and in bilges until we found the source of the problem. I isolated the engine, but that made no difference, and then recalling that Mark had found water in the generator drip tray, isolated the generator. To our huge relief, the current leakage ceased immediately. Now we wait for dawn to investigate the genset - maybe a water pipe has split and it's shorting the battery.

Thats two huge anxieties and corresponding reliefs today. A. No corpse to identify in the floating "lifejacket" and B. Found the mystery current leak

Meanwhile we have only 590 miles to run. If the wind held ed be there in almost threee days.

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