Tin Tin's Sailing Calendar

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Heading notth again

After a long run taking us slowly further south we gunned and started MW towards our goal. The wind dropped and we slatted around horribly at 4 knots, the swell lurching the boat so that the sails were cracking like whips. Luckily Emily whistled and the wind filled in a bit. Until we were pulling steadily again.

Meanwhile I spent from breakfast till supper trying to find out why the generator was causing a current leak, sat in the hole under Emily's bed testing wires, unscrewing things and generally getting nowhere. I refilled the radiator and found a collapsed engine mount mount. Suddenly the latter seemed s possible cause if the motor was no longer insulated from the hull. Mark cut wedges to drive underneath, but in the end that wasn't possible. I
We put Emily's cabin back together despondently and went for supper. However I started the generator again, and lo and behold the lights went green. Problem gone - if not solved!

We advanced our clocks by an hour to keep dawn and sunset at 6. So we are now 9 hours behind GMT, and 10 behind British Summer Time

Position at midnight. 11 33.25S. 132 36'W
Speed 7 .5knots COG 300 Log 14308
Wind 21 knots 102deg.
Current 185 degrees 1.2 knots

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