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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Election?! What election?!

I hear that Britain has been thrown into a General Election. Presumably so that Teresa May can win enough seats to drive Brexit legislation through unopposed. Can anyone enlighten us as to dates?

Also the Marquésans are nervous that Trump will bomb North Korea and whether World War Three is about to start. Glued to French news TV in the Maké Maké Snack Bar.

We feel very far away from it all.

Today we went ashore by dinghy and paddle board in Motopu Bay on Tahuata island. It was very hot and as we walked round from the little harbour to the village we spotted a white kingfisher with a black stripe through the eye and beautiful electric blue wing coverts.

The village bungalows are arranged up a long street heading back to the hills. A church offered a lovely cool white interior with many rows of dark wood pews. There was a wonderfully carved dark tree bole with dolphins, fish, and a fish great turtle supporting the lectern.

We walked up through the village passing simple wooden crosses at the roadside. By the time the paved road ran out above the village we had reached the seventh station of the cross. On the dirt track we reached the eighth just as the heavens opened and cool rain drenched us. We turned back downhill and once in the still sunny village we were invited to take all sorts of fruit with us. A huge sack of pamplemousses and breadfruit loads of lines and pommes citaline, which are a citrus tasting m'angoisse fruit which sweetens up when orange.

After lunch we motored off round the north of the island to Baie Hanamoena, rated by poly guide author, Eric Hiscox, as in his top three anchorages in the world. Sure enough everyone else has the same pilot book and by the end of the day here were nine yachts anchored off the beach

As soon as we arrived Emily paddled off towards the breaking surf followed by Anne swimming and me rowing. By judging the wav sets we all got ashore safely for a walk along thé steeply shelving golden sands fringed by coconut groves. Clearly the locals feel a bit beset by visitors here as there was a Propriété Privé sign deterring a wander through the grove.

K on board Justin dangles a line over the side and immediately landed a large fish. Not knowing what it was we sent it back uneaten.


Peter West said...

Election June 8th. Do you qualify for a postal vote?? Could be tricky- best send for some carrier pigeons to wing back to Blighty. Reckon she's not only after a stronger mandate but is aiming to quell back-bench opposition - time will tell. Best, the Wests

Sindidziwa said...

You were very lucky! The Marquesan Kingfisher is critically endangered with fewer than 500 individuals surviving only on Tahueta. As with many other endemic species it is under pressure from introduced species includeing feral cats, rats and dogs and even the Horned Owl!