Tin Tin's Sailing Calendar

Friday, 3 March 2017

Progress at last

Carnaval over, the Volvo offices opened and I secured the attention of two engineers to Kim at our dead engine. Naturally it burst into life immediately, and all I had to show them was my video of it not doing so. Using Google Translate on our respective phones we discussed the problem, and they concluded that it might be to do with the electronic control unit. Or had it the switch panel wet? I pointed out that this was a sailing boat. It often gets wet!

Turns out they are about to replace a control unit on a German yacht which had waited three weeks for the part. No hope of speedier progress was offered. I think we will have to continue our voyage with the intermittent fault.

Meanwhile we bought and fitted all five new batteries, I taxied half the length of the canal to refill gas bottles, Justin has painstakingly documented all our stores and Emily got her heart's desire - an inflatable standup paddle board- so we are almost ready to set off. Just need to buy fruit and veg tomorrow. !

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