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Friday, 3 February 2017

Unplanned stop in Aruba

We left Curacaoat midnight yesteday and with Gale force winds arrived much earlier than expected at Aruba.   I hadn't planned to stop here as we are trying to meet up with our aunt Kate in Cartagena, Colombia but given the speed we are making in 35-40 knots of wind I decide to anchor illegally at Oranjestad for breakfast and lunch without clearing any formalities .  Now we are about to set off at 13:30 to Colombia on a notoriously rough passage, aiming to arrive tomorrow morning at Cabo de la Vela, Colombia to spend the day at a village on the edge of a desert. 

We can be followed at www.whatthefocque.blogspot.co.uk where there is also a sidebar link to a chart with our track. If you sign up as a follower it will email you every annoying episode that I write :-) but for the chart you have to go to the website. There's a link to Mark's blog as well with loads of his excellent pictures. 

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