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Monday, 23 January 2017

Parasailling to Jolly Harbour

Another perfect morning, anchored in clear water.  Dived in and swam round the boat to clear the sleep from my eyes before breakfast and then went through the list of jobs with the crew.  Justin and Emily are now on board for the next six months, which is wonderful.

Having researched the location of supermarkets, chandleries and fuel pumps we set sail round to Jolly Harbour.  The wind was light and we raised the Parasailor which bellied out satisfyingly ahead of us, with its great horizontal slash of orange parafoil inflated in the breeze and holding the sail out nicely with the need for a pole.

Once in Jolly Harbour we filled with diesel. We have used 254 litres since we filled in Cape Verde on 20th December, and have probably run the generator  for about 4-5 hours per day since then, plus some hours of engine usage motoring in calm patches round Guadeloupe. That means our motoring range could be 1000 miles or we could sail and run the generator to make water and recharge the batteries for 80 days.

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