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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

We're off to St. Kitts & Nevis

Last night we spent moored stern-to in Jolly Harbour, ,which had the useful attributes of wifi, a good chandlery and supermarket. Happy hour was good too serving excellent Painkillers - orange, pineapple, coconut and .......rum.

This morning we set about fixing stuff, and I had fun disassembling the aft heads water pump. This has been intermittently faulty for months, and I keep having to struggle with it. This time, encouraged by spare parts listed in the chandlery I thought I'd do a proper job and replace the dodgy pressure switch. But the part didn't quite match, so while I had it all in bits, I realised that the pressure switch, which keeps stoping the pump flushing water, is completely irrelevant in this application. Some idiot had plumbed in a pump completely unsuited to the job at some point. So I took the pressure switch apart and removed the switch bit, and the system worked perfectly. It's so important to be able to diagnose problems logically, and then if the only remaining option seems unlikely, it is still the only option.

Meanwhile our successful battle with the forward holding tank leakage had the unexpected consequence of it filling up and overflowing unpleasantly this morning. More joy!

Checking in and out of Jolly a Harbour proves to be a jolly experience. Port control were charming, Customs were very friendly, Immigration were chirpy, and then Customs were helpful for the final formalities. Plus the three offices are all in a row on a verandah overlooking the harbour. MeanwhileMark and crew had extricated Tin Ti. From the Fock and I motored out to the in the dinghy.

Now we are broad reaching across the 40 miles to Nevis, probably arriving at 19:30 tonight. Another round of officials lie ahead :-)

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