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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Arrival in Guadeloupe

We altered course after breakfast consultations to head for Guadeloupe, to extend our exploration before Niall and Kyle fly home from Antigua. As the sun set we sailed in past La Desirade island and in darkness passed through the channel south of pointe des Chateaux. Against the lights on land we could see that the point had jagged spires of rock which evoked the chateaux.

It took a while to sail the 30 miles to Pointe-au-Pitre, and we dined at the cockpit table, rolling wildly in the swell, on plates of tuna goujons, diced herb roast potatoes and garden peas. The latter, being round, tended to roll off the plate at every lurch.

Finally, we made our way through the plethora of flashing navigation buoys into the river entrance, and dropped anchor for the night. Rum punch was duly served to celebrate our safe arrival and to counteract the unnatural stillness of the boat in flat calm water.

We have sailed 2252 nautical miles in 13days and 11 hours at an average of 6.97 knots, much quicker than the similar length of trip round Britain! But then we did moor up most nights!

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john&shireen weston said...

Congratulations on making your landfall. Sounds like an exciting crossing.
All best wishes, John and Shireen