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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas Eve

Today we were already 100 miles west of Recife in Brazil! We are making good progress averaging 7.3 knots so far. With 1400 miles to go we are more than a thirds of the way there.

We had a lovely sunny day, as always amazed by the size of the big following blue seas topped with white foam, and often pale green blue at the crest where the sun shines through. Red-billed tropic birds are regular visitors which circle us briefly and then examine our foaming wake for food before heading south.

We have settled in to the process of running the boat, delivering meals on time and reading or fishing. Mark and I each spent an hour nursing the watermaker and achieved about 70 litres. Water rationing is on hold for a bit longer.

Mark erected a little Christmas tee on the aft deck and we listened to crackly broadcast of cars from Kings o. The radio. Then we had a sunset party with gin& tonic and nibbles before. Supper and delved into the Christmas box happily unwrapping false beards, games, seashore patty lights and miniature buckets and spades. All thanks to Anne!

Then as Mark produced supper Niall and Kyle spotted a pilot whale!

Finally we tested our satellite phone and managed a Christmas message or two. Now we are on night watch hoping that Santa will shin down our mast tonight

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