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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Open Day on Board

The rain stopped, the sun shone and TinTin was polished and tidy for Sunday's visitors.

It was great to see Mark's 3 boys; Matt and Elisa, Tim and Amy and Nick and Emma, plus Richard and friend Louise, just arrived from USA via Italy.

Paul served tea in the best China mugs, but then disaster struck when everyone tasted it. SALT! It was an awful discovery to find that our 600 litre water tanks, freshly replenished on Saturday, were full of seawater!

We quickly resorted to drinking beer and then all ten of us were treated by Richard to Sunday lunch at the Boat House.

We were also joined by Phil, and once everyone had left we dealt with the technical problems.
Investigation of the boat manual's water pipe diagrams showed a possible link to sea water. On investigation I found some rather alternative French piping which lacked a non-return valve crucial to the separation of fresh and salt water systems.

Meanwhile Phil instantly solved our wifi router issue ! A very useful man to know!

Now we are desperately hoping that Monday will have a successful conclusion so that we can do sea trials on Tuesday and leave on Wednesday before the weather deteriorates.

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