Tin Tin's Sailing Calendar

Monday, 10 October 2016

Loading the Stores

We loaded just over 800 items of food on Sunday weighing in at 315kg.  Miraculously it stored away neatly join cupboards and under the floor.

To my great relief the new freezer equipment is pulling it down to -15 C which is just as I wanted it for longer term storage of Mark's medical supplies - ice cream :-)

Today we are taking down more equipment and will aim to be ready to sail on Wednesday/ Thursday. The compass adjuster is booked on Wednesday to make sure we g  in the right direction.

As an added bonus, Niall Gallacher called to say that we had been delayed so long that he was now available again to crew down to Spain.


peter said...

good news

Niall Gallacher said...

Glad to be joining you. A small silver lining for me of the delayed departure.