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Sunday, 8 May 2016

North to Belfast

We holed up in Kilmore Quay ("Kilmore Time "as Pete put it!) until the Northeast wind, which was dead on the nose was due to ease and go towards the east. So we passed Friday afternoon and evening and Saturday morning waiting for the wind to stop howling and the tide to go our way. Lo and behold Stuart arrived after a long journey by ferry bus and train. We lunched, waved to the resident fat seal in the fishing harbour, and immediately set of towards Dublin in rain and fog.
Kilmore Quay, Eire
 Shallow water meant that we ran aground in the harbour entrance, but a lifting keel freed us and we soon crossed the shallow bar out to the Saltee Islands, called St Patricks Bridge, and set sail. The wind refused to go round to the east and we tacked back and forth, but eventually gave up and motored. This carried on for mile after mile until eventually the wind turned and we set sail again.

The route between the many sand banks and bars required attention but the tide turned and pushed us quickly north. We passed Wexford, Arklow and Wicklow, where Stuart and I were on night watch when we came to a grinding halt, snagged in a lobster pot. Miraculously this was freed without difficulty and we resumed our trip.

Nothing further to report, except that eventually we sailed at 8-9 knots. I recalculated our route and, with great regret, bypassed Dublin and carried on to Belfast while the conditions were right. We could see next to nothing through the mist , so it was a great pleasure when the sun came out as we rounded the head and reached Bangor. Ashore we headed for a pint or two of Guinness.

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