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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Exploring Scilly

Sunday 1st May dawned in The Cove with Tin Tin bumping slightly on the sandy bottom, as the wind had shifted round to bring us into shallower water at low tide. However we were soon off again, and after breakfast set off under sail to explore the rocky channels through to Tresco. We headed out of The Cove into a foggy grey landscape through which jagged rocks could dimly be seen. Luckily visibility cleared enough to follow the leading marks through Smith Sound, past the rocks of Great Smith. We then picked up a back transit to The Old Lighthouse, a barely visible white tower in the fog, lined up wit ha black stripe on a white wall built for the purpose of guiding ships in safely. They should have put a black stripe on the lighthouse too!from the re we reached the Steeple Rock buoy and turned onto a bearing of 60 degrees lining up Yellow Rock with a Monument on Tresco, which took us safely past various reefs by Mincarlo and Bryher Castle Rock until we passed between Bryher and Samson to reach New Grimsby Sound. We sailed up past Hangman's Rock and Cromwell's Castle and out round Kettle Rock into Old Grimsby Harbour. Kyle was at the helm, and unfortunately caught a lobster pot round the rudders, which held us fast, until Mark reached down to his arms length and demonstrated the sharpness of his new Gerber clasp knife!

Ashore at The Ruin Cafe we had a delicious lunch from the wood fired oven, thanks to Beccy and Kyle. From there we walked across to the other harbour, and then round to Cromwell's Castle and up the hill to the ruins of King Charles Castle and back to the boat. The mooring was getting rather swelly, so we motored back round to New Grimsby for a peaceful night at mooring.

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