Tin Tin's Sailing Calendar

Friday, 25 June 2010

Bottle overboard!

We had a lovely sail to Chichester harbour in light winds, with Kate and Mark able to concentrate on sailing, whilst Anne and I looked after Ruth (2 1/2) and Charlotte (6 months)

As we sailed in past the dolphin marking the start of the channel, Anne took Ruth for a stroll to the bow. Ruth could not be persuaded to part with her milk bottle, and was cautioned not to drop it overboard. Of course she was intrigued by this idea and lobbed it over. Anne and I watched it float astern, thinking, " well, that will teach her!"' but her parents went into immediate man-overboard drill, saying that Ruth had never yet gone to bed without her bottle, and they couldn't imagine the consequences!!!!

We had a lovely evening anchored off the sands at West Wittering under a perfect starlit sky. Anne and I had a peaceful night in the forepeak, but in the aft cabin Kate and Mark had a more restless night. It all depends on your expectations..... Mark had expected an idyllic night at anchor, and the following day was dejected at how hard it is with young children. Kate on the other hand had been more realistic, and was delighted that the trip had gone so well!