Tin Tin's Sailing Calendar

Friday, 6 June 2008

Across the Atlantic

We sailed long days

Long dark nights

Bathed in star light

Careering through the midnight sea

Lit by the phosphorescent glow

Of ocean life


In sunlight, blue sea dreams

Sung by a lone whale

Echo through the hull

Heavy water surges apart

Split by the cutting edge

Three thousand miles run


Across the planet

We five ride each contour

Lurching in unison

Each wave rise

Each sudden drop

Imprinted on the brain.


Ahead lie volcanoes

Dead, dying or alive

Around each a coral ring

Flocked with rainbow shoals

Blue, yellow, red parrot fish

Grinding out white sands


Rasta boatmen stream to greet us

Bearing bread, fruit and lobsters

Red green yellow Ethiopian head rugs

Cajoling with slow eloquent tongues

Parting with complex handshakes

We touch Knuckled fists for Respect

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