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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Just the Two of Us

We woke on Sunday to wonderful weather again, although not a hint of wind. Anne and I made it down to the dock and were out sailing by 1100, which was wonderful. It all seemed so easy together. There was a perfect 15 knot breeze from the east, and a counter tide running from Cowes. We broad reached across the Solent in absolute bliss, and then gybed at the Cowes shore below the Italianate towers of Queen Victoria's favourite house. Here we considered dropping anchor for lunch and the enticing possibilities of a snooze in the aft cabin. However there was much else to accomplish that day so, having finally come up as far as Cowes, we turned and had a crisply cut tack back to Portsmouth making 6.5 knots in 10- 12 of wind true. En route we had an encounter with Beken of Cowes at which point, remembering the disappointing images produced when we last had such an encounter in the BVIs, I put my shirt back on! Altogether a delightful sail a deux.

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